New Pediatrician in Chico! Dr. Tai Minh Phan

New Pediatrician in Chico

New Pediatrician in Chico! Dr. Tai Minh Phan

Paradise Medical Group in Chico has new a pediatrician that has joined their pediatrics team. Dr. Tai Minh Phan attended medical school at Tulane University in New Orleans as part of their MD/MPH program. In 2021 she joined the established pediatricians at PMG, consisting of Susan Mallory MD and James Logan MD.

Through a child’s growth, a pediatrician provides psychical, emotional, and mental well-being of children. Pediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat childhood specific illnesses and diseases. Pediatricians also provide vaccinations throughout childhood.

Pediatrician Tai Minh Pham, MD

Pediatrician Tai Minh Pham joined Paradise Medical Group in Chico in 2021. 

Along with Dr. Phan PMG in Chico also gained Family Nurse Practitioner Stacey Riley and Pediatrics Medical Assistant Sara Bonner. They join an already talent staff of pediatricians and pediatric staff at Paradise Medical Group in Chico. The good news is that Paradise Medical Group’s Chico pediatrics practice is currently accepting new patients.

PMG has been providing medical assistance to the Paradise community since 2001 and in 2018 opened their office in Chico, which has now become their primary pediatrics office.

To make an appointment with Dr. Phan or another PMG provider, contact them.


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