MD Imaging’s Mammography Flowers

Redding Breast Imaging

Mammography Flowers Campaign

Flower mammograms were taken at MD Imaging’s Women’s Imaging Center for Breast Cancer Awareness.

MD Imaging strives to continuously bring awareness in the Northern California community to the importance of breast imaging and early breast cancer detection.

In a creative campaign, MD Imaging took mammogram images of a variety of flowers from Marshall’s Florist in Redding, to exhibit the technology of the Selenia Dimensions 2D Digital Mammography System. A local artist then took the original flower images and colorized them for the Mammography Flowers presentation.

60 Years Of Radiology In California

California Radiology

California Radiology Services

60 Years Of MD Imaging's Radiology Services

In 2011, MD Imaging celebrated 60 years of Radiology in the Northern California region.

MD Imaging was founded in 1951 in Redding, California in a downtown office at the corner of Market...

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MD Imaging Offers California CT Scan Services

What is a CT scan? A CT Scan is a series of pictures inside the body created by a computer linked to an x-ray machine, that creates three-dimensional x-ray technology. Why would I need a CT scan? If your doctor finds that a general x-ray or ultrasound is...

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