Too Much Antibiotics?

Too Much Antibiotics?

Overuse Of Antibiotics

Overuse And Misuse Of Antiobiotics

There Are Negative Effects From Using Antibiotics Improperly And Too Often

While it is widely understood that medications like pain killers need to be rationed and used only for appropriate needs, antibiotics are not necessarily viewed the same by everyone.

Many people assume that antibiotics can be taken anytime you feel they are needed, as often as you feel they are needed. Also, certain industries, such as the agriculture industry, feel it is safe to use antibiotics in a different manner than their original intention. Both situations can actually result in negative effects.

The Effects Of Antibiotics Abuse

We are learning that some bacteria may develop a resistance to certain classes of antibiotics because of misuse. The following types of situations are how this may occur:

  • The over-prescribing of antibiotics in bacteria rich environments such as hospitals.
  • The indiscriminate use of antibiotics to promote livestock growth.
  • The unnecessary use of antibiotics for every infection a patient may be able to overcome without antibiotics.

If you would like to learn more about the abuse of antibiotics, please visit the Vita Skin Care Blog for more information.

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