Chiropractic Care, New Chiropractor in Redding 

Chiropractor in Redding, Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care, New Chiropractor in Redding 

A new chiropractor joined Shasta Orthopaedics in Redding. Dr. Lee S. James joined the chiropractic care team in October 2021. Before Shasta Ortho, Dr. James had worked out of his own chiropractic office in Anderson since 1991. He had worked in the area as a chiropractor since 1989. 

According to Shasta Ortho’s website: “Dr. James’ chiropractic services will be part of the Shasta Ortho Spine Institute, the most comprehensive center for back and neck problems in the North State. The Spine Institute has a complete team of back and neck specialists supported by advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.” 

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