Med Sync At Owens Pharmacy

Med Sync At Owens Pharmacy

Med Sync in Redding, California

Synchronized Prescription Refill Service

Owens Pharmacy has added a new service that can make your life easier. Med Sync Synchronized Prescription Refill Service offers the ability for you to organize and automate your prescriptions. If you have multiple prescriptions, Med Sync can adjust your pill count so that all of your prescriptions run out on the same day. The service can also automate your refills so you can have peace of mind that you will always have your medications when you need them. Another benefit is that when your prescriptions come up for refill, your pharmacist will double check your group of prescriptions for any interactions.

Visit the Owens website to learn more about Med Sync, or call 1-800-MYOWENS(1-800-696-9367).

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