A Trusted Northern California Pharmacy

A Trusted Northern California Pharmacy

New Pharmacy In Weaverville

Owens Pharmacy Is Trusted And Recommended

Owens Healthcare has multiple pharmacy locations serving Northern California. If you’re looking for a pharmacy in the area but you’re not sure which pharmacy you can trust and depend on, Owens prides itself on giving great customer service, and their customers show their appreciation by giving positive customer feedback.

Owens Pharmacy Customer Testimonials

Check out some of the Owens Pharmacy Customer Testimonials to see what kind of service Owens provides…

To Rachel at OH 1:
“Rachel was on the phone with a patient’s mail order company because the patient was out of meds. Rachel found out what the problem was and offered to the patient to pay for the med instead of the patient going through the hassle of trying to cancel monthly refill. WOW!”
– Fellow Employee

New Pharmacy In Weaverville

Christy Nieri at OH 18:
“Christy is always polite and helpful anytime I am here or call on the phone. I just love coming here for all my needs!”
– Pleased Patient

Bill and Sabrina at OH 4:
“Great! Bill and Sabrina were very nice and professional! Love your pharmacy!”
– Happy Lady

Stephanie at OH 18:
“Steph has always been great and now at Owens I never have to wait more than 5 minutes and she is always able to answer any questions!”
– Impressed Woman

Justin at OH 17:
“Justin has ALWAYS been very helpful!”
– Pleased Dude

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To see if there is an Owens Pharmacy near you, visit the pharmacy locations page on their website.

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