Foot and Ankle Specialists in Redding, Shasta Ortho

Foot And Ankle Specialists In Redding At Shasta Orthopaedics

Foot and Ankle Specialists in Redding, Shasta Ortho

In Redding, foot and ankle specialists can help fix many foot and ankle problems for people of all ages. Shasta Orthopaedics, located on Liberty Street, has a team of foot and ankle doctors who help relieve foot and ankle pain.

Shasta Ortho Foot and Ankle Doctors in Redding

The doctors at Shasta Ortho can help with the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems.

Discomfort and pain can arise from causes like overuse, sudden injury, inherited deformities, and various medical conditions. Early diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems help prevent further damage and complications.

What to expect from visiting a foot and ankle specialist

Foot and ankle specialists help people improve their quality of life by reducing the pain of foot and ankle problems. Reconstructive surgery is one way that Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) can help their patients feel better. Not all foot and ankle pain requires surgery, however.

After you contact an orthopedic provider like Shasta Orthopaedics, they review your information and help you schedule an appointment. Most of the time, you do not need a doctor’s referral to begin this process.

At your appointment, a foot and ankle doctor will gather additional information about your pain, your medical history, and whether you need a diagnostic procedure like an X-ray or MRI. This helps DPMs assess whether their patient needs surgery, physical medicine, rehabilitation, physical therapy, or a combination of possible services.

The first visit will always be diagnostic so your foot doctor can answer questions and assess the situation in your feet or ankles. Surgery may be recommended by a foot and ankle surgeon.

Schedule a visit with a Redding foot and ankle specialist

Shasta Ortho’s comprehensive Redding facility makes it easy to receive orthopedic care. All of their orthopedic specialists and services are in one convenient location.

If you have foot or ankle pain, contact Shasta Ortho to schedule an appointment with one of their foot and ankle specialists.

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