NeuroStar TMS helps locals in Redding get relief from depression 

TMS Therapy In Redding

NeuroStar TMS helps locals in Redding get relief from depression 

Thousands of people in the Shasta Cascade region, which includes Redding, navigate depression each day. Luckily more people are experiencing relief from NeuroStar TMS.

TMS therapy stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is a non-invasive, non-drug procedure that can offer relief for major depression. If you live in Redding and you have major depression, ask your doctor or a healthcare professional about TMS Neurostar and whether you are a good candidate.

Learn about depression treatment and NeuroStar TMS

Talk to your primary doctor with your questions about TMS so you can feel that whatever choice you make is the right choice for you. Psychiatric Care Center also has a blog that includes testimonials from people who experienced relief from depression after receiving TMS therapy. You can also talk to your spouse or partner about NeuroStar TMS, like how Elsa told her husband about TMS and alternative depression treatments; together, they learned that TMS was a great choice for him.

Drew Robinson TMS Therapy

Drew Robinson, former Major League Baseball player

For more information, read about how former Major League Baseball player Drew Robinson felt relief from depression after three weeks of NeuroStar TMS treatment. Or read about how Johara received so much care during her treatment and now enjoys time with her family and husband.

Is Neurostar TMS available in Redding?

TMS therapy is available at Psychiatric Care Center in Redding. We are the only psychiatric center to offer TMS Neurostar in Redding and the greater Redding area.

To learn more about TMS, request an appointment or call (530) 221-7474 to speak with a healthcare professional.


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