New Online Therapy Options in Northern California, HomePsych! 

Image of person doing online therapy remotely by computer with HomePsych.

New Online Therapy Options in Northern California, HomePsych! 

Northern California just benefited from a new online therapy practice—HomePsych. Online therapy is also known as teletherapy and telepsych and is a type of telehealth service as all appointments are done online through a smartphone or computer.

Image of patient working with online therapist at HomePsych, online therapy session at home.

With HomePsych, people can do online therapy from the comforts of home.

HomePsych hired a number of licensed, online therapists to work with patients remotely. They provide individual therapy as well as teen and couples therapy. Their online therapists provide personalized treatment plans. The benefits of online therapy with HomePsych is that it’s private and convenient, and it’s also fast and affordable. HomePsych accepts many types of insurance plans for online therapy appointments. In addition to online therapy, they also provide online psych visits and online medication management

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