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Therapist Options for Northern Californians with NAMHS 

More Therapist Options for Northern Californians with NAMHS 

People in Northern California now have more therapist options with North American Mental Health Services. NAMHS has several mental health care clinics conveniently located in Redding, Eureka, Fairfield and Woodland. They now offer online therapy, too! What is a Therapist? A therapist is a licensed and clinically...

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Image of happy woman in online therapy appointment

Online Therapy from Redding-Based NAMHS 

North American Mental Health Services currently provides online therapy options. Since 2015 NAMHS has provided in-office mental health services to patients in Redding, Eureka, Fairfield, and Woodland. Now they have greatly expanded their service offerings to include online therapy, online psychiatry, and online medication management...

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Depression help, depression treatment in Redding at Psychiatric Care Center

Depression Help, Depression Treatment in Redding

Psychiatric Care Center in Redding provides depression help for people suffering from depression—they also provide depression treatment. The therapists and psychiatrists from their psychiatric center, which provides mental health services in Redding, have created a depression help list with helpful tips. These helpful tips include...

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Online Therapy In Redding

Online Therapy

Online Therapy In Northern California Online therapy is a convenient option for people to work with a psychiatrist, counselor or therapist from the comfort of their own home. North American Mental Health Services offers online therapy. Whether people don't want to commute to office visits or...

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