Find A Therapist in Monterey

Therapist in Monterey

Find A Therapist in Monterey

Looking for a therapist in Monterey? Monterey therapists are available through North American Mental Health Services (NAMHS). NAMHS new Monterey mental health center celebrated its opening in 2023 and prides itself in its comprehensive team of therapists, psychiatrists, psych-certified nurse practitioners, and more trained professionals.

Find a Therapist in Monterey

People get the mental health support they need by working with a NAMHS therapist in Monterey

NAMHS believes in finding someone who can listen to patient experiences and offer specific insight. Whether you need online therapy for the convenience of phone or virtual appointments or you need in-person therapy in a safe space, NAMHS can help.

Monterey Clinic Specializes in Therapy, Psychiatry, Medication Management, and More

Monterey Bay is a stronger community when people have the support they need for mental health. The NAMHS mental health clinic exists to make it seamless to coordinate between therapists, psychiatrists, and other psych-certified staff.

The Monterey site specializes in psychiatry, medication management, psychotherapy, and more–for all ages. This makes it easier to develop a custom healing plan for you and your family, and a plan centered on your needs.

By working with a therapist whose primary goal is to help you heal, you can have the support and insight you need to work toward your goals again.

Find the Right Therapist in Monterey

If you or a loved one need help managing life’s challenges, and you are interested in working with a therapist in Redding, Eureka, Fairfield, Woodland or Monterey, contact NAMHS.

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