Therapist in Monterey

Find A Therapist in Monterey

Looking for a therapist in Monterey? Monterey therapists are available through North American Mental Health Services (NAMHS). NAMHS new Monterey mental health center celebrated its opening in 2023 and prides itself in its comprehensive team of therapists, psychiatrists, psych-certified nurse practitioners, and more trained professionals. [caption...

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Therapists In Redding Offer Hope

Therapists In Redding Offer Hope To Residents Of Shasta County

Therapists help people increase self-awareness, process change, pinpoint sources of stress, and change unhealthy habits. In Redding, therapy changes people’s lives every day by offering hope. People of all ages can benefit from therapy.  Every person has the right to feel better. For people experiencing high...

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Therapy Options In Redding

Understanding Therapy Options In Redding

If you or a loved one want more emotional resilience or support, there are many therapy options in Shasta County. Life presents challenges for everyone and it can be vulnerable to ask for help.   For residents in the city of Redding, supportive options abound. Depending on...

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